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Xi Jinping, leader of the People’s Republic of China, arrived in Russia on Monday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The timing of this meeting is significant, as it comes more than a year after the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which led to Russia becoming diplomatically isolated by many Western countries. The meeting between the two leaders could have major implications for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, as China’s willingness to back Russia in the conflict would change the balance of power between stakeholders

However, the United States has warned China against cooperating with Russia in the conflict, with Jake Sullivan, National security advisor of the United States of America, stating that China will face serious consequences if it gives military support to Russia.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is receiving help from countries that are part of the NATO community, including the United States. During President Joe Biden’s latest trip to Kiev on February 20, 2023, he promised President Volodymyr Zelensky military aid of up to 500 million US dollars.

Beyond Ukraine, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Western countries has caused disruptions across the world. For instance, in Burundi, the ongoing fuel shortage, causing a significant increase in prices of basic needs, including food is blamed to the conflict.

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